Work Life Balance
Work Life Balance

Keep Work Life Balance in Check with Your Life Plan

Work Life BalanceWhat is work life balance and how do I know if I have a balance or not? Many people ask this question when they are feeling overwhelmed, burned out or just unsatisfied with the direction of their lives. Sometimes we just feel that we work more then we do anything else. We are just trying to keep up with life's demands and ignoring our own goals and desires. In order to get the balance back everyone including home based business owners need to create a Life Plan.

A life plan is a must for everyone. Whether you are working for a company, creating a home business, graduating, retiring or starting a new life you must have a Life Plan. The life plan will help to guide you along with your goals, hopes, dreams and desires for every aspect of your life including work.

When you have a life plan you will be able to create the life and lifestyle you want. It is a road map for your life. So how does a life plan fit into work life balance? If you know what you want out of life then you will tend to be more rounded in your approach. What you then need to do is stay focused to create the work life balance that is best for you.

A home based business owner may put many more hours into their new business then a employee. I have seen cases where it is the other way around as well. The amount of work a person does doesn't always mean that your work life balance is out of balance. If you know what you life plan is then you will build your work life accordingly. For some that may include longer hours and for others shorter hours. 

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Components of Work Life Balance

  • Health Care - Including Sports and Exercise
  • Self Care - Personal Health, Rest and Relaxation
  • Family and Personal Relationships
  • Friends and Colleagues
  • Job, Career or Home Business
  • Hobbies, Interests and Passions
  • Religious and Spiritual Concerns
  • Community Activities and Involvement
  • Future Plans, Projects and Goals


Once you become aware of all the various aspects of your life then you can identify what is important to you and how much time you want to devote to each of them. These should be included in your life plan as well. Then on a daily basis you can make a conscious decision to include them in your activities and home business.

Some people as well as home based business owners I know, do not place as much importance on some of the components above and may not even include them in their overall work life balance. Others include everything on the list and more.


Each of us are different. Being aware of some of the above components and creating a life plan as a road map for you to follow is really what the journey is all about. Balance in my eyes and yours may not be the same and it shouldn't be.


Just remember when you are feeling overwhelmed, burned out or unsatisfied with how your life is going it is a sign to check your work life balance out. Possibly you may need to take a vacation and update your life plan.

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