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Website design and layout is much more then just putting products and information out on the internet. If you are selling products online you will also have shopping cart software that will need to be integrated. Your online customers do not have the advantage of all of their 5 senses. They can’t touch, taste, hear or smell your products or services. This leaves only the sense of sight.

It is through this sense of sight that your online customers are going to make some decisions. The first is whether to stay and look around. Another is to hit the back button and leave. The one you are hoping for is that not only they will stay but will trust the information and your website enough to purchase. This is why it is so important to make your website design as user friendly, informative, great looking, and search engine optimized as possible.

Your online customers can’t talk to you on the website unless you offer live chat like HelponClick, which is why many will call you. If there is a doubt of credibility they will call to “check you and your product out” and place the order if they are satisfied that your company is trustworthy.

There are many e-books and online resources which discuss various colors and layouts that appeal to a visitors emotions and senses. I just recently read Call to Action, a great book by Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg. This book is a step by step guide to creating better website design for optimal conversions.  A must read for all website designers.

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One thing that will help you get started is to check out your competitions website design and see what colors, logos and layout they are using. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just make sure that you have an excellent search engine built into your shopping cart software so that your online customers can get to the product page as soon as possible. Remember your main objective is to make a sale and theirs is to find the information and product quickly.

I use a website diagram to see how all the web pages will navigate from the home page and 2nd tier pages to the product and other 3rd tier pages. With a website diagram it is much easier to see my website structure before I build it. Optimizing your layout before you create your website design will increase the chances to get the response you wanted from your online customers.

Almost all shopping cart software have built in templates that you can use to start up your online store. In fact one of the easiest I have found is Store Build it! Just keep in mind what we discussed about the colors and logos which are psychologically more appealing to your online customers.

With the website design and colors done you will need to add your product or service to the website and decide what your pricing will be. The best way to be competitive isn’t always better pricing, it is trust and dependability.

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Most online customers are loyal to a company that they can trust and feel is dependable and consistent in every aspect of the business process. On the product page be as descriptive as possible about what the product and or service you are offering. You need to gain your online customers trust.

Depending on the shopping cart software you are using it should be fairly simple to upload your products or services you are offering to the website. Make sure that you will be able to have a decent profit margin when pricing your products. You can always reduce a price but it is harder to raise a price when an online customer has already bought once from you at the lower price.

Bottom Line:

Website design is very important to your online store profits. If your online customers feel that you have a decent looking, trustworthy site and can navigate easily to make the purchase, your sales will soar. Creating a layout of your website before you build it will allow you to stream line and optimize your website for better conversions. Shopping cart software needs to integrate easily into your website and be easy to use. If you are looking for a web hosting site check out Site Build it. I really enjoy all the benefits they offer that is included in the package.

Website Design

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