Web Pay Per Click Advertising
Web Pay Per Click Advertising

Use Web Pay Per Click Advertising to Make Money at Home


Web pay per click advertising can produce quick exposure and sales for your work from home business. There are times that organic search engine optimization (getting on the search engines first page without paying) will take longer then you are willing to wait to make money at home.  

If you have the time and the proper hosting provider such as Site Build it!, then organic search engine optimization will work for your home based business. However to speed the process up you may want to use web pay per click advertising to increase customer flow to your website now. 

Pay per click advertising uses the principles of key word bidding to get your particular product placed on the top bar or side right bar of a search engine results page. These are often called sponsored ads, links or sites.  You will see them when you search for a keyword on Yahoo, Google or MSN Live.  

Some Internet Pay per Click Advertisers: 

  • Google
  • Yahoo! Search Marketing
  • MSN Live
  • Enhance
  • Search 123

Keywords are the words that people will put into search engine searches to find your product or service. The more specific you are with your keywords the better the chances are that people who find your website will want to buy your product. If you use keywords that are generic you won't get very good results and will lose a lot or even all of your home based business advertising budget quickly.

The ability to work from home using web pay per click advertising can be very lucrative. Your main objective is to keep the bid price for the keywords you are trying to use as low as possible but still high enough to get into the top three positions.

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Web Pay Per Click Advertising Tip: I have found that the 3rd position is one of the best since most people will click on the first two positions first for comparison shopping before they come to your product page.  By the time they get to your product page they will already have a price in mind and if you match that price and/or offer an additional incentive such as free shipping you are likely to close the deal. This would have saved you a consider amount per keyword and yet you still made the sale.  

There are many different web pay per click advertising sites available. I have used all of them and when I am experimenting with keywords I find that it is most cost effective to use advertisers that are very inexpensive to test with. That is why I like Enhance and Search 123.

Always stay on top of your marketing efforts. The particular keyword you use and the results you get from your marketing campaign must be monitored to insure that you are getting the desired clicks and sales ratio necessary. You can make decent money at home with this type of marketing if you keep a close eye on your advertising campaigns and budget.

There are many other ways to promote your home based business on the internet. My article; Internet Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business Marketing Plan, contains many different ways to help promote your business. Remember web pay per click advertising is only one method. Do not forget to use the other types as well to create a well rounded marketing campaign. 

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