Time Management Tips
Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips for Your Home Based Business


I have found invaluable time management tips that have worked for my home based business. I know that you will be able to apply them as well. These time management tips will help you to stay focused on the priorities of your home based business. Actually learning time management skills will help your business to generate more money, increase market effectiveness and relieve a lot of undo stress.

Running a home based business takes so much of your valuable time daily. Time management skills are easy to learn and can help you achieve your business goals. We wear many hats in our business such as purchaser, accountant, secretary, marketer, web designer, customer service to name just a few.  We often find ourselves putting out fires such as fixing printers, dealing with computer issues etc. We easily can get caught up in numerous projects that waste our valuable business time. Try these time management tips to help you stay in control.

Some Time Management Tips: 

  • Focus on Your Home Based Business and the Results
  • Create a Daily Priority List
  • Create a Weekly Priority List
  • Do it Now! Do not Procrastinate
  • Create an Action Plan for Problems
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Focus on Your Home Based Business and the Results 

Part of your small business plan is to know where you want your home based business to be in one, two and three years. In order to achieve these goals you will need to incorporate them into your daily priority list. If advertising is what you need to do daily then that would always be on your priority list. If you need to write a certain number of letters or emails then put that on the list also. Since you are creating and growing a home based business make sure you are putting items on your list that will help you achieve your business goals now and in the future.

Daily Priority List 

First let's be clear on what I mean as a priority list. It is a list of the most important to the least important items that must be done to keep your home based business running smoothly day to day. Since I created my priority lists, I find that each day is much more productive, on target and a lot less stressful.  I know that each item on this list was important to some degree in keeping my business time in check.  I always put the most important first and then continue down the list to the least important.

Each day new items are added to the list as the need warrants. If they must be done today, I will move them up to a higher priority. I don’t get upset if my list isn’t completed. The most important part is that it helps me to manage my business time and stay focused on my home based business goals. 

Create a Weekly Priority List 

Your weekly priority list is different then your daily list. The weekly priority list will help you to stay focused on the bigger picture of your business goals. This is one question I continue to ask myself weekly. “Where should the business be heading to complete my small business plan goals for this year”. Then I will put down what has to be included on the weekly list. Now with this list in hand, I prioritize it as well. Then I put some of the items into my daily list for Monday and each consecutive day of the week. This way that list will be done by priority and mixed in with the daily tasks at hand.  

The weekly priority list does change but not as often as the daily list. The daily is always a constant creation as new home based business issues arise.  

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Do it Now! Do not Procrastinate 

I have found that if there is one task that I really don’t want to do and it is on my priority list, I must get it out of the way as soon as possible. When I keep putting something off that I do not want to do, I find that this item actually begins to waste my valuable time. I continue to think about that particular item and how much I don’t want to do it. If only I could get all the time back that I wasted procrastinating instead of completing the task and keeping my mind clear for other important business items! 

Create an Action Plan for Problems 

When a big problem or challenge is presented to me, usually I have some time to figure out all the aspects of the situation and can create an action plan. Writing it down makes the situation clearer. It allows me to focus my attention and keep tweaking solutions until I’m satisfied. With the action plan in hand I can tackle the challenge much easier and with a lot less stress.    


These time management tips have been essential to maintaining many profitable and successful home based businesses for me. Keeping control of your time makes your days less stressful and much more productive. When the work day is done you will have a great feeling of accomplishment. You will be following your small business plan as well as acquiring valuable time management skills.

The action plan has been very helpful for me not just in solving problems but for coming up with new and creative ideas for my home based business. I have found that I can use these time management tips in all aspects of my life as well.

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