Take A Vacation
Take A Vacation

Work Life Balance Off? Take a Vacation!

Is it time to take a vacation and get your work life balance back in your home business? Being a home based business owner takes hard work and many long hours. Burnout can be a possible danger. In order to create a good work life balance you will want to take some time off occasionally to recharge your batteries. All home based business owners need to take a vacation from time to time. You will be able to bring new ideas and more creativity to your home business once you are recharged.

I know that when the home base business owner does take a vacation he or she often worries about what is happening back at the office. There’s always so much to do and so many possible opportunities you don’t want to miss. How can you even begin to relax? To take a vacation seems like some crazy exotic idea! So how can your work life balance get even again with so little time and so much to do?

Surveys suggest that many home based business owners regularly plan not to take a vacation at all. One out of every three who do plan one will attempt to tie their vacation to a business trip. Many home based business owners will continue to monitor their home business activities several times a day through email and telephone calls. What kind of work life balance is that?

Vacation Concerns for the Home Based Business Owner

  • What if an important client/customer does not receive the highest level of service?
  • Will the home business miss out on a new opportunity?
  • There may not be another competent person to leave in charge.
  • What if my employee left in charge makes the wrong decisions?
  • What if the equipment breaks down or the software crashes what will happen?

Concerns are not surprising when given the dedication required to start and operate a successful home business. Many home based business owners can seldom take vacations completely worry free. With proper planning and preparation, even the busiest home business owners can enjoy a decent relaxing vacation and come back ready to take on new challenges and opportunities.

Steps to Make Your Vacation Easier

  • Plan before the vacation. Figure out what operations in your home business need to be addressed while you are gone. What advance work can be done to make the vacation process as easy as possible? Are there any services such as a virtual mail box or live operator that can handle any of the calls while you are away?  Take into consideration various worse case scenarios and try to address them now before you take the vacation.
  • Prepare you clients and customers. Anyone important to your business should be notified that you will be on vacation. If you have someone who will be standing in for you, introduce them to suppliers, clients, customers or anyone else necessary.
  • Start to delegate. Let your employees know what is expected and give them a chance to learn how to manage many of the key issues in your home business. You needed to delegate anyways.
  • Take time off when the business slows down. Most businesses have times of the year when business is slower then usual. Planning to take a vacation at this time can make it easier for you to get a way.
  • Try short 3 day vacations. Take a Friday or Monday off and change your scenery. Sometimes just a mini vacation is all you need to rejuvenate yourself.
  • Increase your knowledge base with your time off. Some home based business owners just aren't able to relax when they have time off. Taking a business seminar or college course can do wonders for your home business. You may come back with a new perspective, new ideas and more knowledge.

With all the above bases covered, you will find that your vacation will be easier, and much more enjoyable. Coming back to the office with a new perspective, enthusiasm and drive will help you and your home business flourish. Work life balance is essential to your and your business. 

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Remember what is most important to you and why you created your home business in the first place. If you had created your Life Plan before you started your home business you would have included what was most important to you into your new business and business plan. Did you start your home business in order to spend more time with family and friends, to follow your passion, or for health or some other great reasons?

Keeping a work life balance will allow you to grow in all aspects of your life. To take a vacation may be just what the doctor ordered. I hope that more home based business owners will start to find the balance that we all need. I have put together some travel services that will help you to take a vacation and get back into the proper work life balance.

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