Small Business Web Hosting
Small Business Web Hosting

How Important is Small Business Web Hosting for Your Online Business?

Small Business Web HostingYour small business web hosting and web hosting company is the main foundation of a home based internet business. To understand more of what I am saying, let’s compare building your online business with a non home based internet business. A non home based internet business is location, location, location. If you don’t have the customer knocking down your door then you are going to be out of business fast.  

Building a home based internet business is pretty much the same principle. If a customer doesn’t see your website, they will not be visiting your online business. In order to get them to your website you would have to pay more for advertising. If you pull up any search engine that you currently have in your web browser you will see free listings on the left just down a little on the page and what is called sponsored or paid advertising on the very top and sides.  

If you are paying for web pay per click advertising and you bid high enough you will have a listing either in the left top box or side right box. This can become very expensive to get customers to your online business.  

I have put together a library for home based internet business owners (and soon to be) and webmasters that will help you to get the most out of the tools on the web. Free Site Build it Resources has everything that you need and explains the importance of small business web hosting.

When I started my first online business, I had used 3 web hosting companies before I settled on the one I thought was the best. I asked all the pertinent questions except this one very important question. “Will your small business web hosting help me to get free organic traffic?”  If I had asked that vital question I would have known immediately if I had the right web hosting company. Unfortunately, I built the online business without asking that question and it cost me dearly in advertising revenue, web presence and valuable time in search engine optimization.  

I had to pay for my new customers through all types of advertising because my web hosting company and store shopping cart couldn’t offer me the search engine optimization needed to make my online business rank in the free search engine listings. My software was able to handle all my sales and was expandable such as what I had mentioned in finding a shopping cart, however it was not search engine friendly.  

When you are building a website you are actually creating a piece of internet real estate that if built properly will become very valuable. If built improperly you will pay much more for traffic to your website.  

There are countless small business web hosting packages available today. Most make it very easy to just get your online business up on the internet but they don’t offer much help with search engine placement. If you aren’t really careful when picking the company that does your small business web hosting, you could end up in the same situation that my first home based internet business did. It just wouldn’t rank in the free part of the search engines and I just kept dumping advertising money into it.  

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There is one web hosting company that really took the time to help their customers get a head in the tough battle of free search engines listings. Since my first online business, I had tried numerous other web hosting companies for many of my other online business ventures. Site Build It has blown my doors off.

There is so much information about small business web hosting and website building that at first I was overwhelmed. However once you slow down and build your website the correct way you will be heads over your competition.  Site Build It also offers forums and so much valuable information about marketing, website building, traffic stats and a step by step instructional video to get you on the road to online business success.

Check out the article; Web Hosting Is More Than Just Bandwidth It's About Success -- Your Success! for quality information you can use on the web to make the most of your online business and start with the proper foundation. 

Small Business Web Hosting

Bottom Line

Your home based internet business depends on the web hosting company that you select. The small business web hosting that they offer must help your online business grow in the free organic search engine rankings. You need fast, reliable and quality information for your website. Having a web hosting company that will help you build your home based internet business is priceless. Make sure you do your home work before you start your new online business. 

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Small Business Web Hosting

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