Small Business Voip
Small Business Voip

Is Small Business VOIP Right for Your Home Based Business?

Small business VOIP (voice over internet protocol) is becoming very popular. To make phone calls you are using your Broadband DSL, Satellite or Cable internet connection instead of a conventional phone line which we also call a land line.

The VOIP service provider will give you a router to hook up to your internet connection which has your assigned phone numbers programmed into it. Then you will plug in your phone into that router. When a you make or receive a phone call you will be using the internet instead of a dedicated phone line.

You can get various plans for your home based business that offer unlimited calling, very inexpensive incoming toll free calls, virtual numbers, call hunt and voice mail that will notify you via email if you missed the call.

I have been using Vonage as my VOIP service provider for over 3 years and it has been really great. When I travel I take my router with me and a hand held phone. I forward all of my calls to the one phone number and where ever I am in the world I can make and receive phone calls just like a regular business phone line.  

Below are more VOIP Service Providers who have a great reputation in the industry.

Small Business Voip Service Providers

WildBlue Satellite Internet

Verizon Broadband Services

ViaTalk - Broadband Phone Service

The flexibility is really unlimited. I have used numerous virtual phone numbers to track the response from various marketing campaigns. You can add and delete numbers easily and it is very affordable. I like the option of receiving my voice mails in my email.

One thing that sets VOIP apart from the regular phone lines is the availability to travel with the phone. Another is that if you are using cable broadband or satellite you don’t need to have a phone line.  

I’m a big advocate of small business VOIP because of the flexibility and low cost to operate. Here are some other VOIP providers that offer great service.

The low price, flexibility and the advantages of the small business VOIP service certainly is worth a look. Whether you are thinking of adding another business phone line or just starting your first home based business, VOIP may be one of the best products for your business.

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