Small Business Startup Idea
Small Business Startup Idea

Small Business Startup Idea - Where’s Your Business Passion?

When brainstorming for a small business startup idea, we often neglect the biggest and most important question in determining the home based business we want to start. The question is; “ What is Your Home Based Business Passion?” What is it that makes you jump out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm? Do you have something in your life right now that is so exciting that you can not wait to do it?      

When you are coming up with a small business startup idea you need to consider that a home based business will take a lot of your time. What you are doing is creating your own work environment, schedule and job. I hate the word “Job” but if you look at what your role will be in the business whether a president, owner or CEO you still do have a position with responsibilities.

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Check out this list of Home Based Business Ideas. Remember your passion when doing your brainstorming.

Since you are creating your position why not make that position fun most of the time? Yes, business can be fun when you are doing what you enjoy more often then not. One definition of passion is a powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger. Boundless enthusiasm was also mentioned.  

In my article; Life Plan First Then Business Plan I mention ways to create your business around your lifestyle. Many of the home based businesses I have seen are created the other way around. I know because I have done that also in some of my business startups. Now I know that is definitely not the way to come up with a small business startup idea.  

The biggest element in your business is your excitement and enthusiasm. With that business passion as I call it, you will not only be happy working in your home based business but you will also be more creative and productive which will also radiate to your business contacts and customers.

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Even the greatest business plans fail without business passion. Tasks that need to be done become real drudgery and now you have created a “Job” for yourself (that’s my definition). You just go through the motions but don’t really have the business passion to keep driving forward.  

I know that you will become more successful if you can add your business passion to your small business startup idea. Of course you can’t ignore the elements in the business plan such as finding a “ hot target market”.

If we look at some of the most successful people in the world today, you will find the business passion element alive and thriving in their companies. They are happy running their businesses and seem to carry that passion to other aspects of their lives as well. Why not you?

small business startup idea

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