Small Business Software
Small Business Software

Small Business Software for Your Home Based Business

Small business software should make each of your home based business tasks easier, small business softwaremore efficient and worry free. There are so many different types of business computer software available. Most new computers today come with some type of package that includes the basic business computer software. That would include e-mail, spreadsheets, word editors, html editors, anti virus programs and firewall protection.

Basic Business Computer Software Needed:

  • E-Mail
  • Spreadsheets
  • Word Editors
  • Html Editors
  • Anti Virus Programs
  • Firewall Protection
  • Business Accounting Software


E-mail is fast becoming the back bone of the business communications structure. It is fast, easy and people expect a quick email more so then a phone call for most items where you just need a fast answer. Of course it depends entirely up to what type of home based business you are running. I usually send my e-mails with a return receipt when corresponding with my suppliers, customers or associates. 

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Check your mail settings and see if your software has the ability to send “read receipts”. Having a return receipt will let you know that your recipient did get your email answer to a question. There are numerous free email programs as well as ones that come with office suite software. Some free small business software programs that work great are Mozilla’s Thunderbird and Eudora.

Small Business Software Office Suites

Small business software programs that include spreadsheets and word documents will help you tremendously in writing newsletters, marketing letters and creating basic forms. Spreadsheets will help with tracking expenses and chart making. You do not need to be an expert you just need to know the basics of how to use them. There are numerous office suites available. Your home based business computer may have come with one all ready. If not you may want to check out Microsoft Office or others at Tech Depot (which is Office Depot) or TigerDirect.

If you are using a Mac or interested in an Apple computer you can find AppleWorks or others at MacMall. Many of the office suites also include html editors, such as FrontPage. These editors make it easy to create web pages and web ready documents.  

Anti Virus  Programs and Firewall Protection

I have used numerous small business software anti virus and firewall protection products. When you are doing business on the internet you need to be sure that the products you use to protect your computer and information will do exactly that. I have tried many different products on my home based business computer over the years. Currently, I am using AVG for my anti virus protection and Zone Alarm for my firewall protection. I like McAfee and have used both the anti virus and firewall products from them as well. I just think that AVG works great and has protected my computer very well and the same with Zone Alarm. Once I tested both products I just never went back to McAfee.

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Business Accounting Software

In the section on Business Accounting and Your Home Based Business Success I discuss the need for business accounting software. If you haven't read that section please do. There are many things that you want your business accounting software to be able to handle from tracking inventory, customer invoices, vendor invoices to bank transactions to name just a few. I use QuickBooks and the product fits all my home based business needs. I can download my bank statements, store products and invoices directly into the software. What ever accounting product you choose be sure it will handle all the tasks your home based business will require.


Bottom Line:


These are just the basic small business software programs that need to be addressed. Making the decision on the type of software you need can greatly effect your productivity and bottom line. Your home based business computer should definitely have an anti virus program as well as a firewall. I offer more business computer software companies and suppliers in my small business solutions section.

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