Small Business Plan
Small Business Plan

Small Business Plan

A small business plan is essential to your business startup. Below is a plan outline that is easy to follow. It doesn’t have to be in the exact order but you should cover each item below.

small business plan    
Business Plan Outline

1. Executive Summary –Brief information about your credentials and the business you

are intending to start and the location.

A.) The Business- What is the business all about? Give full detail.
B.) The Customers – Who are the customers you are going to reach?
C.) The Management – More about your credentials and experience.

2. Objectives - What are your business goals? What do you need to have done in 1, 2 or 3 years?

Mission – What will your business do for the customers, employees, community?

4. Company Summary - How will it be financed and will it be a C Corporation, S Corp, LLC or sole proprietor?

5. Company Ownership - Who will own the home based business?

6. Start-up Summary - Exact costs of business startup. Put in all details for business equipment, supplies, incorporation fees, state fees etc. Create a spread sheet and put in a chart called Business Startup Costs.

7. Services – Exactly what services will your home business offer?

8. Market Analysis Summary- What does the market growth look like for your industry? Who are your competitors? What is the income level of your customers?

9. Strategy and Implementation Summary – What is your competitive edge? What is the sales strategy of your business? What are your sales forecasts?

10. Management Summary – Summarize what your management team will look like. Including any employees you may hire.

11. Financial Plan – A summary of what your business expectations are with included growth information. Project your profit and loss for the first two years. Put this in a spreadsheet format and include a chart as well.

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Writing a business plan isn’t very hard. If you do the research to find a hot target market and products which appeals to you, then you will have most of the information you need. A small business plan is a building block for the formation of a solid home based business. It allows you see where you are currently and follow a plan for success down the road. In a nutshell it is your business goals and direction for the future. 

If you have not read my article on Life Plan First then Business Plan, you are missing a very important key ingredient for your small business plan. This is a must read article before doing your business plan.


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