Small Business Funding
Small Business Funding

Small Business Funding and Business Startup Loans

Small Business Funding Finding small business funding for new and existing businesses is usually very challenging. Most big banks will not even look at small business owners unless they have been in business many years and their balance sheets are showing huge profits.

I have found a place where small business financing is available to most self employed people even if they have had credit problems in the past. There are even programs for small business owners who work out of their homes!

These programs are for Businesses all over the World not just for the USA. If you are looking for another type of funding, I discuss Kiva in my article; Startup Business Financing - Microloans.

Below are just a few of the types of financing available including business startup loans and creative small business funding for the self employed.

If you are interested in any type of small business financing please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. A representative will get back to you quickly.

New Business Startup Loans for the Self EmployedFunding for Small Business

  • There are conventional and non-conventional business startup loans available.
  • General cash flow needs and project funding for Contractors and Subcontractors.
  • Cash can be available for any purpose from equipment purchases to commercial mortgages.

Equipment Leasing - Some Advantages

  • There are a range of programs that allows you to get the equipment you need in order to get the job done without putting a strain on your finances.
  • There are even some types of lease financing which can help preserve your company¬ís credit line for future purchases.
  • You may be able to get up to 100% small business financing for computer hardware and software, installation and maintenance services, vehicles, telephone systems, machinery as well as the equipment warranty.
  • Equipment leasing can offer small businesses tax advantages. Depending on your companies situation, you may be able to deduct the entire cost of certain types of financing.
  • Leasing preserve your precious existing credit line!

Small Business Lending

Working Capital for Restaurant & Retail Businesses

  • There are short-term working capital loans and cash advances for small to medium-sized merchants available every day.
  • Small to medium-sized restaurant and retail business owners have special funding needs. There are considerations available to fit the unique needs of businesses that require flexible payment plans.
  • What if you need; Advanced Capital on future credit card sales, Debt Balance Transfers into a new credit card risk account, Royalty Financing or Venture Leasing? These are just a few ways to tap into needed small business funding.

Purchase Order and Contract Funding

  • There is funding for Purchase Orders and projects in the following areas: manufacturing, industrial, wholesale, construction, retail apparel and service contracts.
  • You may need small business funding for project costs such as: raw materials, deposits, project-specific labor, components and sub-assemblies, finished goods, overhead, shipping, direct manufacturing, letters of guarantee, letters of credit, capital equipment and other items.

Accounts Receivable Factoring - Another Small Business Funding Option

  • This is a way to provide your small business with immediate access to cash, growth opportunities, and a steady source of working capital.
  • There are a variety of accounts receivable line of credit alternatives which include the purchase of accounts receivable for immediate cash.
  • You may even get funding on (partial) invoices and your subcontractors funding as well.
  • Sell your outstanding accounts receivable to free up working capital and stop worrying about collecting the accounts receivable.

Commercial Mortgage

If your traditional sources for a mortgage will not even look at you there are options. How about the following small business financing option:

  • $100,000 - $2 million
  • No-Income Statement - No Financial packages - No Balloons.
  • Close in as little as 30 days.

Debt Settlement & Restructure

  • There are even small business funding sources which fund even the most difficult commercial debt consolidations, restructure plans, and debt settlements.
  • Your actions today can save your business from asset repossessions and or business foreclosure and bankruptcy.

Medical and Health Industry Loans

Looking for unique working capital loans for the medical and health industry? There are business startup loans and other capital loans for established medical or dental practices, as well as virtually any health related practice.

  • Loans from $30,000 - $150,00
  • Terms are up to 72 months
  • No advance payments required!

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