Profitable Home Based Business
Profitable Home Based Business

10 Keys to a Profitable Home Based Business


keys to successMany times people ask me what is needed to create a profitable home based business. There are many necessary elements to make a home based business work. As we explore these elements, we can see how when blended together properly they can create not only a profitable home based business but a fun one as well. 


Some Elements Needed to Make a Home Based Business Work  

  • Personal Attributes

  • Life Plan

  • Product or Service

  • Business Plan

  • Marketing

  • Customer Service

  • Communication

  • Networking

  • Accounting

  • Proper Products or Tools

 Personal Attributes 

I mention some of the personal attributes needed in my article;What Skills are needed for a Business Startup? These attributes are discipline, determination, perseverance, time management and knowledge. I believe that everyone has to some degree or another, all of these attributes. Sometimes they just need to be honed.

Life Plan  

Of course besides those attributes that you can learn, there is the most important question of all. What do you want out of life and how will a profitable home based business help you achieve your personal and professional goals. This is called a life plan. Knowing what you want in your life and creating a business around your goals will give you the perspective needed to make a home based business work. 

I know that many people start their business first without regard to their personal goals. I have seen the terrible statistics of business startup failures for the first 3 years. That is why I advocate a life plan first then business plan.  

Product or Service

Once you have an idea of what you want out of life and have your life plan, then you are ready to build your profitable home based business around your goals. What are you truly passionate about? What do you know more about then most people? If you are not sure where to start I have an article called; Where’s Your Passion? - Small Business Startup Idea that will give you some pointers on how to get the creative juices going and explains more about business passion.

The research you do on a hot target market will help you to find products and or services that are in high demand.

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Business Plan

Now that you are armed with your life plan, a business passion and research of a hot target market you are ready for the business plan. The business plan will help to solidify your life plan and give you a road map to follow. With the proper foundation you are well on your way to a profitable home based business.

Business Marketing

Marketing is the way to drive potential customers to your business. There are numerous marketing strategies which will send highly targeted customers to your business. With the proper marketing campaign in place there should be plenty of interested and qualified customers checking out your products or services.

Customer Service

Once you have potential customers converted into customers, how do you keep them? Customer service is the back bone of any business. Without excellent customer service you are crippling your business.

A satisfied customer will not only tell other people about your business, they will also continue to purchase which creates repeat sales. Your marketing efforts are now compounding! That makes your home based business work so much easier.

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Business Communications

Knowing how to communicate with business associates, customers and prospects will open up numerous opportunities. In my article; Business Communications and Your Success, we delve into the various aspects of business communications and how they relate to home based business work. Communications is much deeper then just talking. It is a way to make a sale.

Business Networking

When you have a business passion networking comes naturally. You are standing in line and before you know it you have just given someone your business card. Business networking comes in all forms and can help to create a profitable home based business. Not only are you promoting your business but many times working with other businesses to promote theirs as well.

Business Accounting

Having the correct business accounting in place is essential to creating a profitable home based business. If you don’t know where the business stands financially at any given point, how can you make informed decisions? In my article; Business Accounting and Your Business Success, I offer numerous reasons that accounting isn’t a nasty word but a welcomed necessity.

Proper Products and Tools

The proper products and tools can make your home based business work easier, and level the playing field with even the largest companies. We have at our disposal excellent quality products that only a few years ago were cost prohibited to most small business owners. I have put together quality products, tools and services that have worked well and helped created profitable home based businesses for me.

Bottom Line: I have put these 10 keys to a profitable home based business together in a simplified format. It gives you a quick overview and explanation of the elements that are necessary in order to make a home based business work. If you follow the links in each element you will get a much deeper understanding of these terms.

There is a Business Resource Center available on this website. It includes all of these articles and much more. Each will help your home based business work more smoothly and profitably.

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