Net Auctions
Net Auctions

How are the Net Auctions Going?

net auctionsDo you ever feel like you are just working for the net auctions and not for yourself? I was a power seller on eBay for many years. I ran the online auction listings in tandem with my internet home based business. In many ways it seemed that I worked much harder for the online auction listings then for the sales on my own website.

If you are currently just selling items through online auction services you are missing a huge part of your key business. As stated in the article; Who Owns Your Business You or eBay?, the point is made that if

you are an auction seller, you do not own your own business. It owns you.


Net auctions have many great points that should be recognized. They offer the new home based business owner the following:


  • Large Marketplace

  • Quick Source of Income

  • No Upfront Fees

  • Quick Payments

Each of the above items in itself is great. There are millions of people who may see your net auction listing if it is written and placed properly. I also have an article you should check out about how to use a free powerful tool that eBay offers.


Online auction listings don’t last that long and if you sell within the 5-7 days it was listed or with a “Buy it Now” you should see your payment fairly quickly.


You can gain quick income using PayPal to receive your money. At the end of the month you are billed for your listing and selling fees.


Online Auction Listings Promotional Links

Submit Assets to Have extra inventory or just looking for another sales outlet?

Sell on uBid! Click here to see all uBid auctions closing this hour

Time to sell those products? Go to eBay! for details.


Is Your Only Income from eBay?


If so you may want to consider these questions:


  • What if eBay keeps raising their rates?

  • If your Products were delisted or account restricted?

  • Do you have residual income coming in?


As most eBay store owners know there was a huge increase in fees which was so steep that it drove many successful home based businesses owner to leave eBay. The sad part is that this was their only stream of income. Truth is that as a net auction seller only you are at their mercy.


Being at another company’s mercy for your home based business survival brings up the point that your products can become delisted or your net auction account restricted or closed for many reasons. Some are beyond your control.


With online auction services you don’t have a residual income. Many times you don’t even get the same buyer purchasing your products.


Is There Another Option?


What if you could...


  • Build your Own Business?

  • Diversify?

  • Build Equity?


These answers are in the Make Your Net Auctions Sell! The Masters Course is a free download and a must read that even talks about adding new income streams to your online auction listings.

Once you have the Net Auction Masters Course you will need to find some Online Auction Services. I have put together a list of some auction sites that will help you sell your products.

Net Auctions

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