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When looking for quality inkjet cartridges and laser toner for your home based business, be sure that you are using reputable companies that will offer you replacements and refunds if your printer supplies do not work as stated. All the companies below offer excellent service, products, pricing and some also offer free shipping.

To understand more about printer supplies read the article below about compatibles, remanufactured and OEM cartridges.

Inkjet Cartridges - Laser Toner - Printer Supplies

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 About OEM, Compatible and Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges and Laser Toner

There are many great compatible inkjet cartridges available today. The
word “compatible” means that it is not made by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Compatible cartridges will not void your printer warranty. These cartridges use quality ink and are created on molds that are similar to the OEM with a smaller price tag and basically the same quality. Usually these compatibles cartridges are made for Cannon, Epson and Brother printer models.


Remanufactured cartridges are inkjet cartridges that use the same core from the original equipment manufacturer. The core or external case is verified and tested for leaks and cracks then new components and ink are put into the original core. This process can only be done once per core. HP, Lexmark and Dell are the most common printer models that remanufactured cartridges are used with.


The same holds true for laser toner cartridges as well. Laser toner compatible cartridges use the same OEM Core or outside casing and then new wipers, blades and drums and quality compatible laser toner is put inside. They usually go through a very thorough testing before being shipped off.

There are remanufactured laser toner cartridges sold as well. Many remanufactured cartridges are similar to the compatibles except that they may not replace the drum. They can work well and are lower in price by a few dollars or more. This is a personal decision that you will need to make when ordering printer supplies.

Be sure to ask the sales representative if their compatible laser toners have new drums or the old drum as some manufacturers do not make a distinction between the word compatible and remanufactured for laser toner cartridges.


OEM is the original inkjet or toner cartridges made by the manufacturer of your printer. If it is made from HP or Epson as an example then we would call these cartridges OEM.

Inkjet Cartridges Printer supplies are a basic and necessary part of the home based business office budget. The choice to use OEM, Compatible and Remanufactured are usually always available.

If you are looking for additional home based business products and services be sure to go to our Small Business Solutions page.

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