Infopreneurs and the Internet Home Based Business

Who are infopreneurs and what do they do? They are everyday people who publish information and knowledge about a particular subject matter on the internet. Many times the information will be in the form of an e-book, blog, e-mail, newsletter or website. They will make money with their internet home based business on the information they publish in various ways.

Most infopreneurs have a passion that they want to share with the world. They have a knowledge, skill or expertise about a niche market or subject which they in turn create an internet home based business about.

Some Ways Infopreneurs Make Money: 

  • Google Adsense

  • E-Books

  • Online affiliate programs

  • Finder Relationships (referrals)

Google Adsense 

Recently search engines are allowing website owners to promote advertising on their internet site which is related to a particular theme.  If your web page is about scuba diving, the search engine will have advertisers who are selling products related to scuba diving ready to be promoted on your site.  Currently Google Adsense is the dominate player in this field. Yahoo has started a beta of this program as well.  

If you place Google Adsense code into your web page and a person clicks on the advertising link you receive a small amount of money per click. Infopreneurs with websites rich with content will place these theme based ads on many of their web pages.  

Google pays on a monthly bases and this can add to extra revenue for your home based internet business. Some infopreneurs will make a living just on using Adsense. However, I have found that most use a combination from the above list.


Recently I read a great book called Make Your Knowledge Sell which explains how to put your knowledge into an e-book, get it published as well as selling it on the internet. If you are an aspiring infopreneur this book will surely get you excited.

With your knowledge in an e-book you can use your website to promote it and make money on the sale of each book. Desktop publishing is a great and inexpensive way to promote and sell your knowledge on the internet today.  

Online Affiliate Programs

There are many online affiliate programs that fit right into a theme based website. Perhaps you have knowledge of cooking and created a website around culinary information. You then locate an online affiliate program which offers wine, spices and cooking utensils. Now you are able to put these affiliate links into your website or articles that you write. 

If someone is interested in the products and purchases from one of those affiliate links you as the infopreneur would make money upon the completion of the sale. Check out my article; What are Affiliate Programs? to get a better understanding of how they are used by infopreneurs.

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Finder Relationships 

Finder relationships are another great way for infopreneurs to make extra money on your theme based content rich website. Let’s say you had a website about cooking such as the example above. Now you made an agreement with various restaurants about paying a referral fee for each customer that you send to their restaurant from your website. The agreement could be for a couple of dollars for each referral. Once you have a website that generates a considerable amount of unique visitors you could easily make a substantial amount just from the customers your website sends. 

Infopreneurs today have many options as to which way to monetize their information. Some use a theme based content rich website created from passion and knowledge and sprinkle an affiliate program or Google Adsense into the site. Others use all of the above methods and then there are a few that only use one method such as affiliate links.  

There are also various methods that you can use to promote your ideas besides a website. E-mails, newsletters and blogs can be used separately or in conjunction with a website as well.  

Final Thought:

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Being an infopreneur can be fun and rewarding when you have the right tools and proper information. Many people create a fulltime or part time income sharing with the world their knowledge. What do you know that you could share?

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