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Setting up the Home Office

There are so many great ideas and products to set up your home office. Your office will be where most if not all of your home business work will take place. When I started my home office, the first thing I took into consideration was the location then comfort, business equipment and business products and or services.


Would it be out of the way? What type of foot traffic will be going through the room or by my desk? Will the kids be playing around the work area?  What type of a view will I have? Will it be inspiring? You will be spending a lot of time here so make sure you have the right location.

Comfort and Business Furniture

A very important aspect of the home office is that it should provide you comfort. You will be spending almost all of your business hours in the work environment you create for yourself. Make sure you have a quality desk a comfortable chair and plenty of work space. Choosing the right business furniture to accommodate your needs is essential. Also make sure that you have the proper lightening.

Decorate your area to inspire you. Colors, pictures, fountains and natural lightening all help to make your home office environment relaxed and productive. 

Business Equipment 

  1. Home Based Business Computer
  2. Printer/Scanner/Fax Machine
  3. High Speed Internet
  4. Phone System
  5. Accounting Software

Having the proper business equipment to run your business smoothly is very important. Do you need a desktop home based business computer or a notebook? What type of printer, fax machine and phone system do I need? Do I need a copier?  

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You will base your equipment needs differently depending on the business you are running – internet or non internet business. Of course if your business is going to be on the internet you will need to be sure that your home based business computer will have the computing power needed to work with your graphics, accounting and website products. I have put some information together for choosing your home based business computer here

Printer/Scanner/Fax Machine  

The choice of inkjet or laser printers depends more on what you plan to be doing with the printer. Are you doing direct mailings? Do you need color brochures?  

What about faxing and scanning? Today there are many multifunctional machines that will print color, fax, scan and copy all in one. When I get a piece of equipment I make the decision of what its main purpose is going to be. That way I will look for the product that can serve that one task better. For quality products for my home office I have used these manufacturers.  

Sometimes you will find that you will need more then one machine for the various jobs needed. It will depend on the business you are planning on running. You may want to use an internet fax service and forget the fax machine part!

Broadband Internet 

Even if you aren’t going to run your business on the internet, you should have a broadband internet connection for your business research and communications via email. There are many great service providers available. I like and use Verizon Residential Service. If you don't have assess to cable or dsl then maybe a satellite hookup like WildBlue Satellite Internet.

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Phone System

What type of phone system will my home business need? Do I need multiple lines, should I use voice over the internet. What about a virtual mailbox and office? There are many different selections available today. The home office has the same advantages and access to modern technology that at one time was only reserved for the big corporations.  

Accounting Software   

You will need to have business accounting software. I explain the reasons why in our Business Accounting section. Most business accounting software will need to be run on your home based business computer so make sure that there is enough computer power to run the program. How ever if you check QuickBooks out you will find that you can use their internet system and not have to worry about the accounting system on your computer.

When in doubt keep it simple and low cost until you know what you really need.  As your home based business grows so will your business equipment needs. Why get too far ahead of yourself?  

If you are looking for all the items I have mentioned then go to my Business Solutions Center for home office products, services and tools.

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