Home Based Business Merchant Account
Home Based Business Merchant Account

A Home Based Business Merchant Account for Online Payments

home based business merchant account

A home based business merchant account might be the next step for your internet and non internet business. Is your home business ready to launch its products and or services? If so then now is the time for your business to look into a merchant service to accept credit cards.  

If you are running an internet business you will need to accept online payments using a gateway. If your business is offline you can use a processing machine. Accepting credit card payments will increase your offline business sales.  

Home Based Business Merchant Account Services

Paynet Systems

Not all payment systems are the same. There are different rates depending on whether you are running the credit card in person or accepting online payments. Either way as your business grows and your sales volume rises you can usually go back to your merchant service and ask them to review your account for better rates and a higher credit ceiling.

The way most merchant service companies work is that they will offer you the Visa and Master Card services and then you will need to make a separate application for Discover and American Express. Merchant service rates for Visa and Master Card changes the most from one merchant service to another.

Be sure that you know about all the hidden charges. If you are receiving online payments there will be a gateway charge as well. Also get all the facts on the equipment you will be using. In my article; A Merchant Account for Your Home Based Business I include an extremely valuable tip that I learned to get payments faster! These are some questions below that were also in the article.

Questions to Ask a Merchant Service Representative

  • What is the rate for internet transactions?

  • How long for transactions to be completed and be deposited into your account? (usually Visa and Master Card take 2 to 3 days) (American Express and Discover 3-4 days)

  • What is the Gateway that they use to process payments?

  • What shopping carts is the Gateway compatible with? (for online payments)

  • Is there a fee for the Gateway? If so how much?

  • How long is the contract for the Gateway?

  • When does the bank process current day transactions and what is the cut off time?

  • Is there a minimum amount of monthly transactions?

  • If so, what is the amount and what is the monthly fee?

  • How long is the contract for the merchant service?

Getting a home based business merchant account is usually very easy. Just be sure that you know what the charges are up front and understand how long you are obligated to your contract. Do not forget to see my tip on faster transactions even if you are running a non internet business!

Paynet Systems

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