home based business computer
home based business computer

Your Home Based Business Computer

There are many factors to consider when looking for a home based business computer. The first thing to consider when buying a computer is how the computer will be used. Will you use the computer for internet work, graphic design, accounting, video and music production or just text and spreadsheets? The size of the work area will need to be consider as well as the the portability of the computer.

The home based business computer for many of us will be a source of communication, research and record keeping. The speed of the computer depends on the components inside as well as the speed of the internet connection. The most expensive computer is not always needed and may not be the best computer for you.

Your computer skills, software programs and type of business you run will play a big factor in buying a computer. Let's take a look at some of the factors in more depth.

Questions to Consider When Buying a Computer:

  • Your Computer Skills

  • Purpose of the Computer?

  • Should I get a Mac (Apple) or PC or both?

  • How much memory or RAM (Random Access Memory) do I need?

  • How much Processing Power do I need?

  • Is the Hard Drive Large Enough?

  • Will I be able to upgrade the components?

  • Laptop or Desktop?

Your Computer Skills 

When buying a computer many people think that the most expensive computer with all the cool gadgets will somehow miraculously create a profitable home based business. The simple fact is that as with all tools they are only as effective as the user.

The more time you spend on your computer the more apt you are to pick up new computer skills. I have found many refresher books from Amazon.com which are a quick read and good for enhancing my computer skills as well as my reference library. The more efficient you are on your computer the more time you will have to spend on other parts of your business.  

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Purpose of the Computer  

When buying a computer you need to first define what are you going to use the computer for? What is the home based business computer going to have to do? Will it need to do extensive graphics or number crunching? What about movie, music and video production? That will depend on the type of business you are starting or running and the type software programs needed.

For many standard business software programs the top of the line computer is usually not necessary. If your home based business computer is going to be using and creating a lot of graphics and videos then a top of the line computer will probably be required.

Should I get a Mac, PC or Both? 

One of my home based business computers was an Apple because I was doing extensive scanning of photos and creating music tracks. Yet I still had my PC for all my emails, web design, faxing and accounting. One of the reasons I hadn’t completely converted over to the Mac was because I had so much valuable software on my PC and I didn’t want to spend the money to convert.

I have bought many of my computers and equipment from MacMall and PC Mall. I really liked the service I got from both of these companies.

If you’re not quite sure of which type to get you will need to do some research as to your needs and how each home based business computer will handle the work load.

Software applications and programs available for the computer should be a consideration as well. Depending on what your business needs are you may even find that buying both is justified and necessary.

How much Memory or RAM (Random Access Memory) do I need? 

Since RAM is the driving force behind a lot of your computer speed. It is extremely important to get a computer that is able to handle a lot of this type of memory.

When buying a home based business computer you want to know that your computer can handle the hard tasks. Getting as much RAM on your computer as possible will allow the computer to breeze through the work.

Start with at least a Gig of Ram. If you already have a computer and it is running slow see if you can up grade your RAM. If is fairly inexpensive and will really speed it up.

Is the Hard Drive Large Enough?

Most home based computers today have fairly large hard drives. Unless you are using some heavy duty graphics and designing programs that require large amounts of disk space, the average hard drive of 80 Gigs to 100 Gigs should be able to handle the majority of the projects. There are even large external hard drives that you can add to your home based business computer later on as your needs increase.

How much Processing Power do I need? 

I get this question all the time. Should I get the fastest machine on the market? It really depends on what your home based business computer is used for. If it is for graphics, music, videos high end design software, then it may be a good idea. However I have found that the newest and fastest isn’t always worth the money. Just about every 18 months we double in our computer speed.  

I personally have bought numerous computers within the medium to near top range of gigahertz and added as much RAM (Random Access Memory) as possible which created faster performance.

Will I be able to upgrade the components? 

When buying a computer you will also want to know that you can upgrade components like the Ram, hard drive and backup storage devices. Technology is changing constantly with faster hard drives and more reliable backup storage options.

You want to be sure that the computer you get can handle these new hardware upgrades. Many of the new computers have DVD and CD writing capabilities. These come in handy when backing up programs and files. The DVD has much more storage space then the CD and is becoming a standard.

Notebook or Desktop? 

I have used a notebook for my primary home based business computer for many years. Currently I am using a desktop. It really just depends on your preferences and budget. Will you be hitting the road and giving presentations? Do you just like the size of the notebook?

Many notebooks are just as powerful as the desktops. Your work area will also be a consideration. If your home office is small then that will be a consideration on the size of the complete computer system including monitor, speakers and the CPU (Computer Processing Unit) which I call the box.

Bottom Line:

Your home based business computer should be able to handle the software programs necessary for your type of business. The combination of RAM, processing power, hard drive and backup devices must fit your business needs.  If you know the type of software programs you need and how much power is require to run them, you will get a good idea of what computer will be able to do the job.

Don't rule out getting multiple computers or different types such as an Apple and a PC if they can complete the tasks required.  The main point is to decide which computer will work for your business needs.

Improving your computer skills has many benefits. It will help you use the software more efficiently and effectively on your computer. These new skills will save you time and energy which in turn can be applied to other aspects of your business. With the proper tools and skills it is much easier to create the profitable home based business of your dreams.

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