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free web tool

Free Web Tool for Website Research, Keyword and Brainstorming!


I found a free web tool that has really helped me in my home based business. It offers a keyword research tool, website research, niche market directories information as well as some great brainstorming help.

This research tool literally unlocks the power of the internet. I have been using it for about a month and I haven’t used any free web tool or web site research product this powerful in all my years of internet work. This product is not just for web developers, it is for the home based business owner who needs to get quality information fast.  

This free web tool is called Search It! and I have to tell you I am amazed. Below is just a small list of what you can find using this product.   

Some of the items this web tool offers: 

  • A Keyword Research Tool

  • Popularity Information

  • Vital Statistics

  • Similar/Related Business Information

  • Blog/RSS Research

  • Brainstorming

  • Competition

  • Site Legalities

  • Reference Library

  • Website Research

  • Traffic-Building & Preselling

  • Forums/Discussions/Groups

  • Local Business Competition

  • Specialty Hubs and Directories

It only took me a little while to understand and I am still learning a lot about the various aspects of the website searches and how to apply the results. I am just really surprised how powerful this free web tool is and how it can benefit the home based business owner with such valuable information. There is a help page that walks you through how to use it (I use it often!).  

The information Search It! retrieved for my website research and the keyword research tool was great. It included some valuable web directories related to my business as well as forums and discussion groups. The reference library can work for any type of home based business model whether internet or non internet related. I have been able to find blogs that are related to my industry and was able to analyze my competition. The brainstorming module is preparing me with great business startup ideas for another venture.

It really takes an incredible product for me to take the time to share it with others. If you have not been able to find all the information that I mentioned above, then I believe you are really missing the power of the web. 

The keyword research tool, the web site research and the other information you can get with this free web tool will help you to promote your business, stay competitive, keep abreast of the newest trends and find everything important to your business fast.  This tool is a must have in your home based business as well. Give it a try and see if you agree.   

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