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Fax Services

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fax servicesInternet fax services have come a long way. I have been using two different services one with an 800 number for quite some time now. I can create a document on my computer and then send it right from my email software. You do not need phone lines or even get out of your chair to use a fax machine. 

When it’s time to receive the fax it comes in my email and I can file it or print it out. With my scanner, if I have documents that are not on my computer, I just put them in my scanner, scan to the email program and then send. It is fast, easy, with no busy signals and all digital! 

Reliable Internet Faxing

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One of my favorite parts of online fax services is that you don’t have to worry about

running out of paper or a malfunctioning fax machine. Another great advantage is when you are traveling you can still send and receive faxes via your email. Just connect to the internet and your fax will be waiting for you.

Internet fax services have taken the worry out of having an additional phone line, printer cartridges and power failures which are standard problems with the traditional fax machine. Your home based business will be able to find better uses for the money that you will save!

Fax Services

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