Buying a Computer
Buying a Computer

Buying a Computer for Your Home Based Business?

Buying a Computer

Buying a computer for your home based business can seem complicated unless you understand some of the components involved.  In order to make your computer search easier let's discuss the various items in your home based business computer.

Home Based Business Computer Components

  • Processing Speed - Gigahertz/Dual Core

  • Memory - RAM (Random Access Memory)

  • Hard Drive Space

These above factors must be taken into consideration when buying a computer. The processing speed of your home based business computer must be fast enough for the business applications that you will be running. We now have dual core processors which help to separate the computer tasks. The memory or RAM of the computer really helps even the slowest processors work faster. 

Excellent Sources for Computers 

HP Home and Office Store
Apple Business Store
Computers 4SURE
Tech Depot

Note: As a general rule the more RAM you have in your home based business computer the better it will work.

A gigahertz is a speed of unit that is equal to one billion. What is important in your computer search is to find the average range of process speeds. There are even dual core processors that mean you will have two processors on your computer instead of one. It will help to balance the work.

When I am buying a computer I look for decent processing speed and RAM. I try to get the mid to higher range processor speed. See if you can try to get dual core processors and put as much RAM as possible into the computer.

Since computer processor speeds continue to double about every 18 months I don't recommend buying the fasted processor immediately. Even the software written isn't going to use the newest speeds for many months. For most home based business computers a higher range processor will work exceptionally well.

The memory allows your computer to access information faster. Even if you do not get the fastest processor, if you at least start with a Gig of Ram you computer will be able to handle most programs. Try to get a computer that can hold as much RAM as possible and later on you can upgrade as needed.

The hard drive is your home based business computer's storage system. When buying a computer you should try to get a decent sized hard drive. These are normally in the 100 gigabytes range. You can always upgrade a hard drive or add more by purchasing another internal or external one.

In your computer search keep in mind the type of home based business you run and the software you will be using. See my section on Your Home Based Business Computer for more information about buying a computer. I discuss Mac vs. PC's, home based business computer upgrades, notebooks and desktops.  

Buying a Computer

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