business startup funding
business startup funding

Business Startup Funding - Check Out Microloans and People to People Financing

Business Startup Funding

Business startup funding can be difficult to get with traditional bank credit drying up. However there is a source of financing that is rocking the loan world. It is peer to peer style small business loans which are considered microloans.

There are thousands of ordinary people like you and me that would like to get a decent rate of return on their investments. There are just as many people who would like to borrow money to make money.


When you put private borrows and lenders directly together you have an ingenious way to forgo the banks and all their crazy paperwork and scrutiny. You take your borrowing request directly to the lenders themselves. You choose the interest rate you are willing to pay and explain directly to the lenders why you want the loan. Lenders will get to see a picture of you and read about your business objectives before they invest.

Once your small business loan is financed you will be set up with a payment schedule based on the amount and interest rate. One unique advantage of this type of loan for the borrower is that it will also help your credit rating when you make timely payments.

Advantages of Microloans and People to People Financing


  •   No pre-payment penalties.
  •   Fixed interest rate.
  •   Paying people back instead of a bank.
  •   No hidden fees
  •   U.S. residents only


  • Earn better returns then banks.
  • Easy secure electronic transfers to/from your bank account.
  • See where your investments are going.
  • Spread your investments over numerous loans to limit risk
  • Invest as little of $50.00 and get great returns
  • Help people directly

Microloans have been around a long time. Since the use of computers it is easy to get thousands of people together for a common goal of helping each other out with business startup funding, small business loans and personal loans.

If you are looking to make great returns on your investment or want to borrow money then you need to check out Reliable Resources, Inc and see how they can help you get connected with other people to accomplish your goals.

In my article; Small Business Funding and Business Startup Loans, I discuss other unique bank alternatives for getting small business financing as well. Don’t let the credit crunch stop your business startup financing goals.

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