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Business Plan After a Life Plan

Now that you have your business plan you are ready to begin your home based business right? Wrong! Conventional business strategies miss the most important aspect of the

small business startup. There is one very important and vital part missing if you want an incredibly successful and profitable home based business. That step is the Life Plan.

A home based business is supposed to allow you the money, freedom and flexibility to live the lifestyle you want. Too many people try to create their business plan, find home business ideas or pick a product first, then try to fit their very existence around it. In actuality they have just created another “Job” for themselves. 


I know that this is a huge mistake. I made that mistake with the first two home based businesses that I started. It didn't take me very long to realize that I really needed to smarten up. I created "Jobs" for myself. The true secret of a small business startup is to create the home based business around you.

A Business is supposed to Benefit and Work for the Owner not the other way around.

Build your Life Plan first and then create your business plan around your Life Plan. If you create your home based business around your Life Plan it will fit you like a glove. You will be excited about your new small business startup. Home business ideas will flow and you will be on your way to fulfilling all of your needs. Set some time aside and put together a list of your personal goals.


Here are a few items to consider for Your Life Plan:

  • Your Values - What's most important to you and your family?

  • Hope and Dreams - What excites you? Where do want to go? Spend money on?

  • Passion - What are you most passionate about? How will that fit into a home based business?

  • Family - How much time do your want to spend with your children, spouse, parents?

  • Financial - How much money do you want to make? Can the business support your income goals? How much do you need to expand the business? How much do you need for our retirement years?

  • Friendships - Are we spending enough time with people who are important to us?

  • Fun - What makes life fun? How can I make a living having fun?

  • Interests - Will you have the time and the resources to entertain, travel, read, paint etc.? What about learning a new skill?

  • Location - Where do you want to live?

  • Life Style - How do you want to live your life? How could a home based business enhance or help you achieve your personal goals?

  • Physical Health - How can you maintain your health? How much money do you need to enhance my health?

  • Mental Health - How much stress do I want in my life? How can I remove harmful stress and create a healthy balance?

  • Relationship with each other - Are we continually developing and improving our relationship?

  • Community - In what ways do you want to contribute to society?

  • Exit Strategies - Do you want to retire or sell the business? If so, what do you want the business to look like when we are ready to sell or pass it on? Who will run it? Or do you just want to reduce your hours, and if so, when?

Once your life plan is written down, then you can start brainstorming  home business ideas and get ready to create the home based business that will help you enjoy the life that you want and desire. The business plan will be the next step to your small business startup. The more passionate you are about all that you do the more fun everything becomes.  


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Life Plan First then Business Plan

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