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What Does Your Business Image Say? - Some Image Ideas

business imageBusiness image is more then just a logo or a website. It is represented in all facets of your home based business. Every business has its own professional image in the marketplace. When you stop to think about your home business what is the image that you believe you portray? Does your customer perceive it the same way as you do?

Business image is an opinion or concept. This opinion or concept can be from a customer, supplier, manufacturer, advertiser, creditor, banker or anyone your home business deals with. It is determined by appearance as well as verbal or nonverbal communication. It can be how your phone is answered, the way an email was sent, the response time of the email or the call back, an invoice being paid on time or your demeanor and appearance during a sale. There is an infinite number of ways that your business portrays itself to others.

I have found that image ties directly into customer service and consistency also. How do we treat our customers? Do they receive the same standard and quality of product and service every single time? What a customer believes about your business good or bad that is your business image in their eyes. Once a perception is made it is very difficult to break that impression.

Advertising gives home based business owners the chance to portray who they are to their customers. Once the customer responds to the advertisement are they going to get the same professional image that the advertisement provided? Will business live up to the image made? I have created a few image ideas to help you stay consistent.

Some Image Ideas:

  • Make the first contact count.

  • Keep your focus on the customer.

  • Be consistent in your media message.

  • Be consistent with your product.

  • Don’t try to fake it.

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Make the First Contact Count

The initial contact anyone has with your home business is no different then when they meet a stranger for the first time. People usually have about 3 seconds to decide if they like the person and or business based upon the attitude, sincerity, appearance and feeling received. What is perceived within those brief seconds speaks volumes.

Make every business contact count. Set your image to match what you want your home based business to project. No small detail should be left unnoticed. It is a lot of work to create the right image but the rewards for your home business will be incredible.

Keep Your Focus on the Customer

Customers are the backbone of any business. What their image is about your home business will affect your bottom line. Be consistent in all that you do with your customers. Be sure that they know and feel that they can expect the same treatment every time, whether it is the way the phone was answered a response to an email. No surprises!

Be Consistent in Your Media Message

What business image are you trying to project in you media campaigns? Is one advertisement giving a different business image then another? All good advertising campaigns use the common thread of what your business image is and then weave the same message into each ad.

Be Consistent with Your Product

One of the fastest ways to tarnish your image is to have inconsistent products or services. The product may be the same but does not look exactly like the one your customer received before. The service the first time was terrific but this last time it was really poor. Possibly the packaging or some other aspect is different or inconsistent.

Consistency reflects on your home business. Businesses that always offer the customer the same level of products or service will gain the business image as dependable, trustworthy and easy to do business with.

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Don’t Try to Fake It!

If your business image is not what you want or expect it to be, then sit down and make a plan to change it. The home based business is yours and it is up to you to make the changes necessary for your business to be a success.

Trying to project a professional image that is not you or your business is not going to work. You may be able to pull if off for awhile but sooner or latter you will not be consistent and your business contacts will begin to see a different image then they first did. Did you check out my Professional Image Tools page?

Bottom Line:

What your business image says about your home based business will affect your bottom line. Sending mixed signals, being inconsistent with your media campaigns, products, service, response times, logos and general appearances will confuse your customers.

If you set up guidelines in advance about how you want to portray all aspects of your home business you will give your customers and business associates a constant, reliable and trustworthy business image. This will intern increase your sales and give you the credibility to gain new customers and grow.

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