business goals
business goals

Use Daily Business Goals to Follow Your Small Business Plan

Setting business goals daily and using these time management tips will increase your home based business productivity. A small business plan is a an outline of where you want and expect your business to head. However a small business plan does not fill in the daily routines that all home based business owners must do. Most small business plans are not that detailed. This is where your daily goals will come in.

Daily should not be confused with your priority lists which I discuss in my article; Time Management Tips for Your Home Based Business. Those priority lists are to help you manage the flow of work that you have on a daily and weekly basis. These goals are the objectives of your small business plan that must be accomplished in order to achieve the success of your home based business for each year.

These business goals are broken down into a one year, two year and three year objectives. Taking these goals and breaking them down even more will help you to stay on target and keep your home based business moving forward. I find that if I take my one year goals break them down so that I can work on them daily and weekly they are much easier to achieve.

Your business goals should be added to your daily priority lists since these goals are the steering mechanism to keep your home based business heading in the right direction. Creating a daily, weekly and monthly goal sheet is the easiest way to be sure that they are incorporated into your daily priority lists.

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Putting into writing exactly what goals your home based business must attain to grow and prosper is very important. Once you have created your daily, weekly and monthly goals you will easily be able to add them to your daily, weekly and monthly priority lists that I discuss in my time management tips article.


In order to achieve your business goals you need to wipe the dirt off of your small business plan and start to implement the goals you had listed under your objectives. Once you incorporate your business goals into your daily routine it will be much easier to achieve your objectives and keep your home based business moving in the forward direction.

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