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business accountingBusiness accounting might not sound very glamorous but it is the pulse of your home based business. When you have a good small business accounting system in place you can literally feel the heart beat of your business.

Many people think accounting is dull and nonproductive, however with proper accounting you know exactly where your home based business stands financially at any given time.  

With a good accounting system running smoothly you will be able to track all your sales and expenses. Here is a simplified formula to determine if your home based business is making money.

Sales - Expenses = Profits

Many good accounting software programs will not only track sales and expenses but will depreciate your office equipment, track your automobile maintenance, home office deductions and help prepare your taxes for you.  

The accounting software should record and track the following:

  • Bank transactions
  • Inventory
  • Customer invoices
  • Distributor invoices
  • Receipts for expenses
  • Shipping costs
  • Sales Tax
  • Employee payouts
  • Depreciation of your office equipment
  • Depreciation of your vehicle
  • Vendor payouts
  • Miscellaneous expenses

You may want to use spreadsheets to get started but soon you will want to get an accounting software program. I use a very good accounting software program from QuickBooks Products that is designed for small businesses and corporations. The software also synchronizes with my online store to retrieve my customer invoices and updates inventory.

Quickbooks 2008

When using an accountant, find out what type of spreadsheets you can fill out or what information they will need to be able to integrate the data into their system. They may recommend a small business accounting software program that they are familiar with. I would suggest that it is a fairly common one incase you find that you want to switch accountants as your home based business grows.

If you start off getting it setup and using the accounting software from day one and integrate that into a daily routine, you will find that you will be able to make better business decisions because you will have all the financial facts in front of you at a press of a button.

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With one internet company I owned we went 2 years without setting up a accounting software program. We had spread sheets but that did not fill in the gaps. It cost me thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours going over everything and trying to recreate past transactions for my accountant. Not to mention the accounting bill!

I want to save you that hassle and expense. When I say thousand of dollars, I wonder if it was not into the hundreds of thousands. We made our business decisions without the proper information. Looking back it is easy to see how a small business accounting system could have protected us from some of those decisions.

Remember: Knowledge is Power! Having your home based business accounting information up to date and readily accessible will give you the power to make more informed decisions.

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