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auction seller

Auction Seller? Use this Free eBay Tool


If you are an auction seller on eBay

this very simple yet powerful tool needs to be activated and used. It will help to promote your online auction listings and your internet home based business website. What is this powerful and free tool?   

The powerful tool is the "About Me" page which is simply put as "Me" that is available for all eBay listings. As an auction seller you know how important your image is. The buyer only has the information from your feedback rating and the about me page to determine if you are a credible seller.  

I noticed that most online auction listings neglect this free tool and I do not understand why. As I mentioned in my article; How is the Net Auction Going?, I was a power seller on eBay for many years and used online auction listings in tandem with my internet home based businesses. Using the about me page from eBay allowed me to showcase my other online and off line businesses.  I could give more information about my companies, products, services and current specials.  

eBay Listing

You can use your own html which will allow you to put your company logo or home page banner in your about me page of your online auction listings. Every eBay listing you have will display the about me icon which is basically an internet yellow page ad. Many sellers even put their picture, name and address into their about me page for credibility.   

The next time you are setting up an eBay listing check out the “Me” page and see how you can make it the most productive advertising tool possible for your internet home based business.  

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