At Home Business Ideas
At Home Business Ideas

Possible At Home Business Ideas


Below is a list of some at home business ideas to get you started. There are so many different types of small business startup ideas that I couldn't even come close to listing them all. With the advance of technology, science and the information age, new business startup ideas are being created just as fast to fill the new marketplace needs.

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At Home Business Ideas

A - At Home Business Ideas


Adventure and Tourism

Advertising Agency

Advertising Copywriter

Advertising Maps

Advertising Sheets

Advertising specialties

Advertising Specialty Sales

Aerobics Classes

Amusement Rides, Inflatable

Animal Behavior Consultant

Answering Service

Antifreeze Recycling Services

Antique and Collectibles Dealer

Antique Book and Magazine Dealer

Apartment Locator

Appliance Repair


Aroma Therapist

Art Consultant

Art Gallery

Art Restoration

Artist Management

Artist, Freelance

Assembling Products

Association Management Service

Astrological Charts


Audio tape duplication

Auto detailing

Auto parts sales

Auto Sales

B - At Home Business Ideas

Baby Handprint and Footprint Bronzing Service

Baby Proofing Service

Baby Shoe Bronzing Service

Balloon Animals

Balloon Decorating

Balloon Rides

Band leader

Basketball Tournaments

Baskets, Specialty

Battery Reconditioning

  • Click for details. The Battery Reconditioning Report. A Very Profitable Niche In The Increasing Green Business Segment.


Beauty Consultant

  • Click for details. How To Grow Your Beauty Business. Increase Sales, Clients And Profits With Ideas On How To Create Ads That Sell, 101 Ways To Advertise And Promote Your Business.

Bed and Breakfast

Bee Keeper

Bicycle Repair

Bicycle sales

Bill Auditing Service

Billiards, Amateur League

Birthday Party Business

Birthday Greeting Card Service

Blind Cleaning

Book Sales


  • Easy Bookbinding Course. Pays $24 Per Sale - How To Create Your Own Trade Paperback Books At Home, Easily With A Bookstore Quality Results!

Bookkeeping Service

Braille Transcribing

Building/Home Inspection Service

Bulletin Board Advertising Service

Bulletin board sysop

Bumper Stickers

Business Broker

Business Consultant

  • The Life Coach Marketing Bible. Learn How To Get More Clients And Improve Your Coaching Or Consulting Business With This Ground Breaking EBook
  • $$ Start A Consulting Business ! Independent-contractor-consulting Legal Forms!

Business Financing Service

Business Network Organizer

Business Plan Consultant

Business Plan Writer

Business turnarounds


C - At Home Business Ideas

Cabinet maker

Cabinet Making

Candy Business

Candy Wrappers

Cake Decorating


Candle Making


Car detailing


Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet and upholstery



  • Starting A Catering Business. Are You Passionate About Parties? Do You Live To Cook? Now You Can Realize Your Dream By Starting A Catering Business!


Chair Caning

Cheese Making

Child Care Service

Childbirth Instructor

Children's Clothes

Children's Transportation Service

Chimney Sweep

Cleaning Broker

Cleaning Service Commercial

Cleaning, House/Apartment

Clock Maker

  • Murray Clock Craft. Downloadable Clock Plans.

Clock Repair

Clip Art

Closet Organizer

Clothing and Accessories Design


Coach (personal or business)


Coffee & Espresso Shop

Coin Dealer

Collectibles dealer

Collection Agency

Collections service

Color Consultant


Commercial Artist

Commercial photographer

Communications Expert

Computer Animator

Computer Bulletin Board Owner

Computer Consultant

Computer Data Back-Up Service
Computer Programmer

Computer Repair

Computer Training

Computer Tutor for Adults

Computer Tutor for Children

Construction Management Consultant

Consultant, Agricultural

Consultant, Air Quality

Consultant, Art

Consultant, Beauty

Consultant, Business

Consultant, Color

Consultant, Computer

Consultant, Environmental

Consultant, Home Business

Consultant, Home Security

Consultant, Image

Consultant, Internet

Consultant, Landscaping

Consultant, Small Business

Consultant, Time Management

Consultant, Wedding

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Contractor Referral Service


Cookbook Sales

Cookie Business

Co-Op Coupons

Copy Service

Copywriter, Online

Correspondence Club

Cosmetics Sales


Costume Design

Coupon Books

Craft Broker

Craft Supplies Catalog

Crafts Instructor

Crafts, Making

Credit and Debt Counseling Service

Currency auctions

D - At Home Business Ideas

Dance Instructor


Dating and Escort Service

Daycare Center

Daycare for Adults

  • Starting A Child Daycare. Complete Business Package To Help You Easily And Quickly Start Your Own Profitable Home-based Day Care Business!

  • Starting Your Own Home Daycare Business. An Expert, Professionally Designed Guide On How To Start And Succeed With Your Own Daycare Business.

  • Day Care Manager Pro. A Highly Customized Daycare Management Tool.

Decorative Concrete

Decorative Wall Painting

Dental Claims Processing

Designer Pet Clothing

Designer Pet Houses

Desktop Publishing

Desktop Video

Dinner Delivery Service

Direct Sales

Directory Publisher

Disk Duplication

Diversity Consultant

Dog Trainer

  • Kingdom Of Pets : SitStayFetch. SitStayFetch: Dog Training To Stop Your Dogs Behavior Problems.

  • Dove Cresswells Dog Training Online. Watch The Free Sample Lesson. 7 Basic Lessons & 8 Great Bonuses.

  • How I Trained My Dog In One Evening. The Secrets A Retired Plumber And His Wife Used To Train Their Out Of Control Dog In One Evening!

Dog Walker

Doll Maker


  • Sewing Roman Shades. How To Easily Sew Roman Shades. Step-by-step Roadmap To Professional Window Shades.

  • Sewing 101. A Step By Step Guide To Sewing Basics.

  • Click for details. Common Sense Fitting Method For Sewing Pants/Skirts. A Brand New Fitting Method For Pants And Skirts That Leads To Your 1st Step To Sewing And Fitting Success.

  • Home Sewing Secrets. Step-by-step Guide To Creating Comfortable, Stylish Clothing For A Fraction Of The Cost All From The Comfort Of Your Home.

Dried Floral Arrangements

Driving Service

Dry Cleaning Pick-Up and Delivery Service

E - At Home Business Ideas

eBay Consignment Sales




Editorial & Graphic Design

Elder Services


Email Processing

Embossed Stationery

Employee Trainer

Employment Agency

Engineering Consultant

Environmental cleanup service

Environmental restoration

Errand Service

Event Management

Event Planner

Executive recruiter

Expert Services Broker

Expert Witness

Export Agent


Ezine Publishing

F - At Home Business Ideas



Failure evaluation

Family Tree Researcher

Feng Shui Consultant

Filing Systems

Finance Broker

Financial Advisor

Financial Planner

Firewood Supplier

Fish Tank/Bird Cage Maintenance and Sales

Fishing Guide

Fishing Supplies

Fishing Equipment

Fishing Equipment

Floral Arrangements

Food Delivery Service

Forum Manager

Framing (Picture) Service

Franchise Consultant

Franchise Owner

Free Give-Aways

Freebie Ad Magazines

Freelance Artist

Freelance Photographer

Freelance Writer

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Furniture Restoration and Refurbishment

G - At Home Business Ideas

Garage Sales

Garage Sales Promotion

Garden Consultant



Ghost Writer

Gift Basket Service

Gift Baskets, Gourmet

  • Click for details. Starting A Gift Basket Business. Complete Business Package To Help You Easily And Quickly Start Your Own Profitable Home-based Gift Basket Business!


Gourmet Jam and Jelly

Grant Proposal Consultant

Grant Proposal Writer

Graphic Artist


Greeting Card Sending Service

Greeting Cards

Grocery Shopping Service

Guitar Lessons

Gun Smith

H - At Home Business Ideas


Handmade Soaps

Handyman / Woman Service

Hauling Service

Healthcare Consultant

Herb and Spice Business

Herb Gardener

Herb Wreaths and Crafts


Home Accessories Sales

Home Automotive Tune-up Service

Home Business Consultant

Home Decorating

Home Furnishings

Home Healthcare Agency

Home Inspection Service

Home Maintenance

Home Office Organizer

Home Organizer

Home Plan Designer

Home Security Consultant

Home Swapping Registry

Home Theatre Design

Home-Made Booklets

Homemade Foods

Horse Boarding

Horse Exerciser

Hospital Bill Auditing

House Sitting Registry

Household Management


House-Sitting Service


How-To Videos

Human Resources Consultant

Hunting Guide

I - At Home Business Ideas

Image Consultant

Image Transfer

Import/Export Business


Independent Contractor

Index books

Indoor Environmental Tester

Indoor Fountains


Information Broker

Insurance Sales

Interior Decorating

International Consultant

Internet Consultant

Internet marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet Publisher

Internet Recruiting

Internet software developer


Inventory Control Service

Inventory Taping Service

Invitation Printing

J - At Home Business Ideas

Janitorial service

Janitorial supplies

Jewelry Designer

Jewelry Sales

Jewelry, Wire

Junk Car Removal

L - At Home Business Ideas

Lamaze Instructor

Landscaping Consultant

Landscaping Service

Laundry Service

Lawn Maintenance

  • How To Start A Lawn Care Business. Step By Step Instructions For The Lawn Care And Landscape Business.

  • Your Lawn Care Business Marketing Plan. How To Double Your Lawn Care Business In The Next 30 Days.

Lawn Mower and Motor Repair

Lawn Sign Rentals

Legal Transcription Service

Limousine Service

Lingerie Sales

Literary agent

Loan consultant

Locating Service


Long Distance Telecommunications Products

M - At Home Business Ideas


Mail House

Mail order business

Mailing list management

Mailing List Service

Mailing service

Make-Up Artist

Management Consultant


Manufacturer’s sales representative

Market Research

Marketing Consultant

Massage Therapy

  • Massage Therapy Success. How Massage Therapists Can Get More Clients & Keep Them Coming Back For The Rest Of Their Massage Careers.

Matchmaker Service

Meals for Handicapped

Medical Billing

Medical Claims Processing

Medical Coding

Medical Office Consultant

Medical Transcription Service

Meeting and Event Planner

Menu Planner

Mini-blind Cleaning Service

Mobile Car Wash/Detailing Service

Mobile Disc Jockey

Mobile Manicurist

Mobile Notary Public

Mobile Pet Groomer

Mobile Puppet Theater


Moving Service

Multimedia Presentation Creation


Music Lessons

Music Record Label

Mystery Shopper

N - At Home Business Ideas

Name Certificates


Nanny Finding Service

Nature Hikes

Network Marketing Business

New-Mom Care

News Media/Multimedia Production

Newsletter production for clients

Newsletter Production for Clients

Newsletter Publishing

Newspaper Clipping Service

Nonfiction writer

Notary Public


Novelty T-shirt sales

Nutritional Supplements Sales

O - At Home Business Ideas

Office Cleaning

Office Organizer

Office Plant Care

Office Services

One-man Band

Online Internet Training

Online Newspaper

Online Researcher/Abstractor

Online Retailer

Outdoor Adventures

P - At Home Business Ideas

Packing/Unpacking Service



Paper Recycling


Party Catering

Party Plan Sales

Party Planner

Payroll Service

Personal Chef

Personal Concierge

Personal Fitness Trainer

Personal Shopper

Personal Sports Scorecards

Personalized Stationery

Pet Breeding

Pet Fashions

Pet Food and Supplies Delivery

Pet Grooming Service

Pet Hotel

Pet Matching Service

Pet Photography Service

Pet Products

Pet Show Business

Pet Sitting/Home-Care Service

Pet Transportation

Pet Walking

Pet Waste Cleanup

Petting Zoo Owner


  • Profitable Photography. How To Easily Start Up & Market A Profitable Photography Business-even If You've Never Been In Business Before.

Photos to Video, Transferring

Photos, 3-D

Piano Tuner

Picture Framing

Planning and Organizing Businesses

Plant Nursery (raise and sell house plants and annuals)



Pool Cleaning

Portrait and Wedding Photography

Portrait Artist


Potted Plants

Poultry Farmer

Pregnancy Fitness Class

Print Broker

Printer Toner Recharging

Printing Broker

Printing Business, Small

Printing, Invitations

Private Investigator

Private Practice Consultant

Process Server

Product Assembly

Product Development Consultant

Professional Organizer


Property Damage Appraisal Service

Property Manager

Proposal Consultant

Public Relations Agency

Public Relations Specialist

Public Speaker


Q - At Home Business Ideas

Quilt Shop

  • Click for details. How To Start Your Own Quilt Shop. Comprehensive Business Guide Shows You How To Start, Run, And Market A Successful Quilt Shop.

R - At Home Business Ideas

Raising and Racing Horses

Real Estate Appraiser

Real Estate Magazine


Recipe Collections

Referral Service

Relocation Consultant

Reminder Service

Remodeling Contractor

Remodeling Service



Restaurant Booking Service

Restaurant Delivery Service

Resume Writing Service

Retail Consultant

Reunion Organizer


Risk Management Consultant

River Rafting Guide

Rod and Reel Repair

Roommate Finding Service

Rubber Stamps

S - At Home Business Ideas

Safety Consultant


Sales coach or trainer

School Photographer

Scuba Instructor

Screen Printing

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Secret Shopper

Secretarial Service

Security Consultant

Security Video Service

Self Defense Instructor

Self Publishing

Self-Improvement Seminars

Seminar Producer

Seminar Promotion

Seminars and Workshops

Seniors Exercise Classes

Sewing Crafts


  • Click for details. Common Sense Fitting & Sewing Techniques. Sewing And Fitting Courses That Lead You To Your 1st Step To Sewing & Fitting Success.

Shareware Programmer

Sharpening Service

Shopping Service

Show Promoting

Shuttle Service

Sightseeing Tours

Sign Design and Painting

Sign Language Interpreter


Small Business Consultant

Snow Removal Service

Software Creation

Software Trainer

Song Writer

Speakers Agency

Special Event Videos

Specialty Consultant

Stained Glass


Subscription Newsletter

Swimming Pool Maintenance

T - At Home Business Ideas

Tarot Reader

Tax Return Preparation Service



Technical Writer


Telemarketing Service

Telephone Answering Service

Telephone Service Reseller

Temporary Help Agency

Time Management Consultant

Tool Rental Service

Tour Guide


Training Consultant

Transcript Digesting Service

Transcription Services

Transferring Photos to Video

Translation Service


  • Bilingual? Make Money! Step-by-step E-guide For Starting Your Own Translation Business.

Travel Agency

Travel Agency, Specialty

Travel Club

T-Shirt Design

Tupperware Sales


TV Repair

Typing Service

U - At Home Business Ideas

Used books

Used Cars

Used CDs

Utility Auditing

V - At Home Business Ideas

Vacation House Swap Service

VCR Repair

Vending Machine Business

Video Duplication Service

Video Taping Service

Virtual Assistant

Vitamin/Nutrition/Weight Loss Product Sales

Voice Impersonator

Voice Instructor

Voice Over


W - At Home Business Ideas

Web content provider

Web Hosting Services

Web Marketing

Web Site Development

Web Site Hosting

Website Design

Website Development

Wedding Consultant

Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Planner

Wedding Video Service

  • >Amazing Wedding Planning. Top Wedding Planning Course. Earn Up To $26.96 Per Sale. High Converting Sales Letter.

  • Wedding Planning For Brides & Grooms. - Free software!

Welcoming Service


Wholesale Distribution and Brokering

Window Cleaning

Window Tinting

Window Washing Service

Windshield Repair

Wood Crafts


Word Processing

Workshops, Seminars

Write Audio Cassette Scripts

Write Book Jacket Blurbs

Write Company Bibliographies

Write Publicity Releases

Writing Audio Cassette Scripts

Writing Press Releases

  • Write An Article-A-Day, The Easy Way! Write A Professional-quality Article For Fame, Fortune Or Web Traffic In One Day. Fail-safe Method That Any One Can Use!

  • How To Write A Great Children's Book. Want To Write For Kids? Author Of 55 Published Books Reveals Inside Info How To Write For Kids!

  • Novel Writing Made Easy. Professional Author's Step-by-step System (manual & Workbook Included) For Planning A Novel That Practically Writes Itself.

  • Click for details. The Essential Guide To Ghostwriting. How To Make Money As A Ghostwriter - Step By Step Plan For Anyone Wanting To Use Their Writing Skills To Earn Money From Home.

  • How To Write Successful Feature Articles! Excellent Handbook On How To Write Successful Special Feature Articles That Editors And Publishers Will Love You For.

  • Click for details. Write, Create & Promote A Best-Seller. It Takes Something Special To Write, Create & Promote A Best Selling EBook In 30 Days! Learn How To Profit From Your Writing!

  • 30 Minute Article Writing System. How To Write A Profit-Pulling Article In Exactly 30 Minutes - Guaranteed!

  • Article Directory Pro - A Complete Article Management System in a Box.

  • How To Write Your Own EBook(R) In 7 Days! Write And Publish Your Own Outrageously Profitable EBook In As Little 7 Days - Even If You Can't Write Or Type!

  • How To Become A Writer Extraordinaire. Go From Beginning Writer To Successful Writer With Easy Step-by-step Plan. (Manual & Workbook By Multi-published Author.

Y - At Home Business Ideas

Yard Clean Up

Yard Maintenance


There are numerous "Hot Target Markets" emerging from this new marketplace. These are so new that I didn't get many of them down on the list. The question will be; "Are they a flash in the pan or will they continue to mushroom into a great industry conducive for a small business startup? Maybe your friends and family have already given you at home business ideas from their workplace experience.

This is where your research will come into play. Doing research into the existing and emerging industries will help you with your business startup ideas. Just because you like and believe in a product/service doesn't always mean that the product will be profitable. The marketplace could already be saturated with the product/service and it may be slowly declining or going out of style.

A "Target Market" is one that has eager and willing customers wanting and needing your product or service. Finding a niche and filling it is precisely the key. If your at home business ideas can fulfill a customer's need and you have enough customers with disposable income, then you have a great small business startup possibility.

Research and timing is very important for selecting new at home business ideas. Always do your research to find the balance between your heart, skills and marketplace sentiment. Small business startup ideas are only as good as the research behind it.

When thinking of at home business ideas, keep in mind that it must be something you would enjoy doing, be in high and increasing demand and also profitable. First you should have a Life Plan completed so you will be able to create a successful small business startup around your lifestyle. See the article to find out why most business startup ideas fail.

When doing your "Hot Target Market" research I would also suggest talking to owners of companies that are doing the business. Many of them would welcome a chance to talk about their business ideas and products and or services. Sometimes new at home business ideas actually come from an extension of an existing business. An example would be that the owner of a wedding consultant firm has a hard time finding quality catering services, photographers or wedding cakes. As you can see business startup ideas can easily be generated by talking to owners of existing businesses and finding a need and filling it.

We discussed some ways to find at home business ideas, how many small business startup ideas can you come up with? Lets do a brief exercise to get your creative juices flowing. Take a piece of paper and write down one of the above ideas and think of some products or services that these businesses may use and need. Similar to the wedding consultant example above. It doesn't take long to be able to start finding needs and niches in the marketplace. These small business startup ideas that you come up with would be targeting businesses who are already up and running. Just another way to brainstorm for your great at home business ideas!

I am sure that we have missed numerous at small business startup ideas. It is exciting to know that the list above is only a small fraction of at home business ideas available today. I know that if you find your life plan first and then build your small business startup around that life plan, you will create a successful and prosperous new life for yourself and your family.

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