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Home Based Business Solutions, Issue #006 --Looking for Startup Funding or Business Capital?
March 06, 2008
Looking for Startup Funding or Business Capital?

Looking for Startup Funding or Business Capital?

This year will be a difficult time for small businesses to find startup funding or business capital for expansion. The banks are shoring up their credit lines and tightening their lending requirements. So what happens to the small business owner? Their choices can become very limited. In my article; Small Business Funding and Business Startup Loans, I explain the various types of financing available to businesses in the United States.

Some of those types of funding may be harder to get so I also put some information in an article about an alternative way to get a microloan if you reside in the US. See: Business Startup Funding - Check Out Microloans and People to People Financing.

For my International Friends I also have explained about a peer to peer funding approach in my article; Startup Business Financing - Microloans. Hopefully you will be able to use this information to get the funding you need for business startup or business capital.

If you can't get the funding you need from these sources here are some other ways you may try.

Some Alternative ways to Get Startup Funding and Business Capital:

  • Local businesses - especially if you will be providing a product or service that will help them.
  • Friends and Family
  • Government Grants
  • Private Grants
  • Private Investors

Don't let your dream evaporate without exploring every possible way to get your business going and staying strong. Good Luck!


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