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Home Based Business Solutions, Issue #001 -- Most Wanted Response
November 29, 2006

What is your Most Wanted Response?

I just got off the phone with one of my customers. As I often do, I started to go over the recent conversation in my mind to see if I got the most wanted response for both of us. Did the results match our expectations?

The one most important question that I have learned to ask when doing all of my various home based business tasks is; "Am I creating the most wanted response?" You might ask; “What exactly is the Most Wanted Response?" That is an excellent question. First let's use an advertising campaign as an example since this is where you may have heard the phrase before.

To create the advertising campaign you would brainstorm to decide who to target, what to offer and where to advertise the offer. Great, you have these factors ready to go and a critical component to ask is; "What exactly do I want this advertising to do?" In other words; "What is my most wanted response from this campaign?" Do I want the customer to go to my website? Return the mail in card or call my company?

Take these questions a step further. Do I want more information from the customer, make an immediate sale or possibly have them enter a drawing? Too many times I have seen advertising that is unclear as to what they really want or expect the potential customer (me) to do. If the customer doesn't know what to do, then how effective was the advertising campaign?

The "Most Wanted Response" can be applied to your marketing strategies, business communications and customer service as well as almost all aspects of your business. When you answer the phone, send an e-mail or write a letter, I challenge you to ask yourself; "What is the most wanted response from these actions?" When you really ask this question and think about applying this question to all your various home based business tasks, I bet you could find many ways to enhance and profit from your most wanted response!

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