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Home Based Business Solutions, Issue #003 -- The Easy Home Based Business Kiss?
February 23, 2007

The Easy Home Based Business KISS?

We know that there really is not an easy home based business but what if we simplified ours and made it easier? There is an old abbreviated phrase called KISS. It stands for; “Keep it Simple Stupid!”  I like the phrase a lot but the “Stupid” does not really apply to anyone in business. I would like to change the phrase to be more business oriented.  I believe it should be called; “Keep it Simple and Straightforward.”

Keeping it simple and straightforward will help you to stay focused on your home based business. Do you have unnecessary people, software, electronics, accounting methods, or debt that is dragging your business down? When we are working on or in our home based business one thought that should be in the forefront of our minds is the word simple.

Some Questions to Keep it Simple and Straightforward:

  • Can my business run without a lot of people?
  • Is the software that I use easy enough for anyone to learn?
  • Do I have the proper systems in place to allow the business to continue incase I become ill or disabled?
  • How easy and efficient are my marketing campaigns and tracking systems?
  • Is the accounting process fairly straightforward?
  • How can I simplify the sales process?
  • Do I have backups of all my vital home based business information?

The questions above are to help you to step out of your home based business and look at it with a more discerning eye. I know how hard it is, and to make it easier I came up with a fairly easy way to look at your company from a birds eye view.

To look at your home based business from a different view you first need to step out of the business. I find that the best way to do that is to take a day away from the business and use that day to visualize the daily activities, tasks and processes that make my business work.

I evaluate all the various steps needed to acquire or perform sales, marketing, products, networking and accounting. I look at each phase of my business individually. I might as an example, take my sales process and break down each step from start to completion and see if it fits my KISS (Keep it Simple and Straightforward) concept.  

Then I will move on to each aspect of my business in the same fashion. I try not to forget the mundane or mechanical parts of the business even though they may slip by on some of my brainstorming sessions.  

You will be amazed at how many of your own home based business solutions you will come up with by using this concept. The more I look at all my procedures and processes the more I can fine tune them into becoming more simple, efficient, cost effective and profitable.  

The KISS method is always in my forefront of my mind when I think of how an easy home based business is supposed to be. Actually I am finding that an easy home based business might not be out of the question with this strategy!

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