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Home Based Business Solutions, Issue #004 -- Making Good Business Decisions
March 26, 2007

Making Good Business Decisions

There are three key elements to making good business decisions. These elements will help you to evaluate and get your creative thoughts flowing. When your home based business is confronted with an opportunity (which even in the worst case scenario there is an opportunity), you need to be ready to evaluate and make the tough decisions necessary for your companyís survival.

3 Key Elements for Making Good Business Decisions:

  • Determine what exactly is the business opportunity or challenge.
  • How will it shape and change my home based business?
  • Will it benefit everyone involved?

Determine what exactly the Business Decision is.

What I normally do is to put down in writing the business opportunity or challenge that has come up. Clarifying exactly what is it that I need to decide on. Look at this opportunity as if you are not really in your home based business but merely an observer. Step outside of your business and look at it from an outsiderís point of view.

I know that it is very hard to do, but many times I find talking to someone who isnít involved with my home based business will help. This will allow you to remove at least some of your emotions. This is important when making delicate business decisions because the moment we put our emotions into the mix we lose our logical side of the equation.

Write down everything positive and negative about the situation. Organize your writings into columns of positives and negatives to make it easier to see. There maybe times when you will need to make a neutral column. Into this column you will place whatever does not fall into either of the other two categories. These neutral items do not really add much weight to pros and cons until you make a business decision. Then the items listed in the neutral column usually become a positive.

Try to look at each side of the decision and take time to analyze as many consequences as possible.

How will it Shape and Change my Home Based Business?

Some questions to consider will be how and in what way does this business opportunity shape or change my business? Will it fit into my life plan and business goals that I created before the business became a reality?

Be sure that this business opportunity fits into your full plans for your home based business. If not then you do not have a match. If it does fit into your plan, will it help you in the way you want or is it just a quick fix which may cause problems down the road?

Remember the more emotion you have about the decision the harder it is to make rational and good business decisions! Try to remove yourself from the emotions as much as possible. I find that a diversion of some sort might just remove a lot of the emotion.

Will it Benefit Everyone Involved?

Will my business decision benefit everyone involved? If so how? If not, why not? When you have made a good decision you will know it by the beneficial outcomes for all parties involved. Your home based business will profit as well as your employees and family members as well.


When you have made the right business decisions it will fit into your life plan and business goals without a question. You will have a great feeling of resolve and peace. All parties involved will have benefited from your decision and your home based business will continue to flourish.

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