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Home Based Business Solutions, Issue #002 -- The Art of Negotiating
January 24, 2007

The Art of Negotiating in Your Home Based Business

The art of negotiating is really quite like a beautifully flowing dance. Each side has their objectives and they should pleasantly work to accommodate those objectives. It can be tense for moments but over all it must work for everyone. The win must be felt on both sides.

Each participant should know what they want before they go the negotiation table. Is it better pricing, quicker service or deeper shipping rates? Gaining negotiating skills is imperative for your home based business.

What ever the reason, you stand a much better chance of success when you follow these easy tips.

Art of Negotiating Tips:

  • Know exactly what you want.

  • Be fully prepared to discuss all aspects of the topic and be knowledgeable enough to respond to questions and comments.

  • Get to know who you are bargaining with and find out what they need, want or desire out of the negotiations. You should have a atmosphere of camaraderie.

  • Be persistent but not obnoxious. You may not get what you want immediately. Just keep working towards your objectives. You are really laying the ground work for the other person to see where you are coming from.

  • Have fun with the negotiations. If you find that it is getting way to serious, lighten it up. Humor is always a great way to break the tension and clear the minds.

The art of negotiating is really just a matter of keeping your focus and making sure that that everyone involved is going to walk away feeling good about the outcome.

As you continue to apply these tips, you will find that your negotiating skills will get much better. These skills will work in every situation as well as in your home based business.

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